More on the Bath Brew House

When I posted news of the Bath Brew House’s grand official opening last week, little did I think that within a few days another old photograph of the Midland Hotel – as it was then – would surface. The archive photograph that accompanied the post, of the Midland Hotel surrounded by floodwater, was, it has to be admitted, not the most auspicious image to mark its reopening. Unfortunately it was the only one available. Yesterday, however, something altogether more suitable turned up, showing the Midland decked out in bunting and lanterns to celebrate a festive occasion – probably a royal jubilee or coronation. And haven’t they gone to town with the decorations? Many thanks to Paul De’Ath for allowing me to reproduce this fantastic photograph, which – unlike the previous one – shows the front of the building and indicates how extensively it was rebuilt in the twentieth century, with its three floors being reduced to two and the archway moved to the right-hand side of the building.

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